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Rating: 9/10
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Even though the poker boom has slowed down somewhat in the USA, it is still sizzling across the internet on some of the more popular poker sites. There are many poker sites from which to choose, but you can take advantage of some tremendous promotions by signing up at Intertops. They are a reputable website with a record of treating their customers right.

Playing poker online requires you to download specialized software which allows you to enjoy the various available games. Some sites are plagued by slow and bug-filled software, but the interface used by Intertops Poker is highly advanced. You can find your favorite games easily, and the experience is as close to live poker play as possible.

Online poker playing offers many advantages over live games. Although Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game in the world, you might want to engage in other games such as Omaha or Stud. However, it is not always easy to find a variety of games in a live situation. Intertops Poker, on the other hand, offers numerous games with great competition at all times. Whether you enjoy Pot Limit Omaha, Five-Card Stud or any other popular poker game, Intertops Poker has tables available for you.

There are many methods for moving funds on and off of your Intertops account. Bitcoin, Paysafecard, and Skrill are a few popular options. Processing times are made available by customer support.

Since Intertops Poker offers so many options to its players, it is good to know that helpful support is available at all times. The site offers free telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, you can contact the site's cooperative personnel via Skype video chat during most hours.
Reviewed by: AE7

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Intertops Poker Welcome Bonus
Deposit Bonus:
200% up to $1000
Deposit Bonus Information:   (Updated: 04/28/2020)
Intertops Poker offers one of the best first deposit promotions in the industry. The site offers a 200% welcome bonus up to $1000 for new players. This bonus allows you to increase your bankroll significantly when you start playing. Simply make your initial deposit, and you will start earning your bonus as you fulfill your Frequent Player Point obligations.

"Intertops Poker" User Comments


Intertops Poker

"Have a good one or two and keep up the fight against these scum ... I know Ipoker, titan poker are rigged

Ipoker Skins 27 sites - 10K idiots play there - 70% BOT - Not RNG
NetBet Poker
Bet365 Poker
Titan Poker
Betfred Poker
Expekt Poker
Paddy Power
Dafa Poker

Ipoker, titan poker is and always will be a FUCKING JOKE. So much so I've been able to call the river card as it hits! It's easy – work out the one card your opponent needs to beat your hand and call it as it lands – it's so pathetic I have to laugh or I will cry.

I hate Ipoker, the world largest scam rigged etc in da world, im from spain, 5 years 12 daily hours playing this rigged shit.

You're doing good work , online poker is rigged ! I'm professional player played million hands live/online poker , and can aprrov that Ipoker Skins rigged shit . Hanads maked by system to improve pot side, by that way they make million $ yaerly more then should . By doing that they fuck-up poker game , game become more gambling style, then skill game. One Day PS will be fucked-up"

Posted: October 02nd, 2014

Intertops Poker

"Scum titan poker (iPoker) is the most rigged site - fraud, i have come across and i have played on many different sites across many different networks. I have only played at the micro and low stakes cash tables on titan poker (iPoker). I don't know how things work at the higher stakes tables. The problems arise when you end up in an all in situations. A word of warning DO NOT get yourself into an all in situation if you are ahead. I always seem to trap someone post flop and then i am beaten by hands that are not even on a draw to anything. The turn and the river will either give someone runner runner for a straight or two suited cards for the backdoor flush. I have also never known a site where people make sets on the turn so often. The only time i have any success in an all in situation is when i make a mistake and go in behind. When you do go all in and the cards are turned over you can almost predict which cards are going to come and give you your customary all in spanking. Random number generator, my ar*e. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. IT GETS THAT BAD YOU START TO DOUBT YOURSELF. OBVIOUSLY TABLES controlled FRAUD ..CLICK TIMES always play a role IF U WIN..THIS SUKS..THERE SITE SOFTWARE FRUAD ... I hope that the FBI closes them for good ... and puts all the owners in jail for fraud"

Posted: September 28th, 2014

Intertops Poker

"now bots are running in 10max, 6max, HU, CASH, MTT & SNG, they are now even playing Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

Their stance when presented with hard facts was to deny any case for said player being bots, in spite of pretty damning evidence of a group of players all playing with the exact same playing style and all having near identical statistics. Maybe they're right, Perhaps they are right, maybe someone got hold of Phil Ivey DNA and cloned a group of elite super poker humans who can play 48 hour sessions and play strategically sound game theory with absolute emotional control.

Personally I suspect the former.

If they don't listen to the players, then perhaps the skins themselves will have to take the issue up with Ipoker

Bet365 Poker
BetnGo (this particular skin has an affiliate deal with a poker bot site incredibly!)
Titan Poker
CD Poker
Paddy Power Poker
BlueSquare Poker
William Hill
Boylesports Poker
Sun Poker
Mansion Poker
Chilli Poker
Dafa Poker
Poker 770

I would suggest sticking with reputable sites and stay away from the above, unless of course you wish to play bots.

I-poker run by crooks,bad beats unf---ing-believable.
stay away from this network bot infested and the rng is shocking..slows down at the river to pick the card to beat you when your 96% to win hand.
I asked online support why when I was 96% to win hand at showdown and only won 30-35 % over 1000s of hands how this was possible,replied with the usual bullsh-- our rng is tested and totally random.lot of f---ing sh--."

Posted: September 16th, 2014

Intertops Poker

"TITAN POKER - Roulette is not random - it's a scam, rigged and unfair to players! DO NOT ... BTW, this is not just TITAN POKER - Roulette but also this affects RNG and whatever poker, same shit. ... what hands can be, and how much money was stolen by this software.

Online poker is also illegal in the United States. People like to gamble and people will continue to find ways (and by "ways" I mean "private rooms") to gamble. What IPOKER did, if the allegations are true, not only tarnished the reputation of online gambling and make it appear shadier than it already is but also broke the code of trust among a group of people who are not exactly green or amateurish in the game of deception (an implicit tenet of successful poker pros).

Scum - TITAN POKER - Roulette Pro Fraud confirmed!!!

titan poker ??????

titan poker mobile

titan poker ???????


????? titan poker

titan poker ????? ???????

titan poker ???????

titan poker android"

Posted: September 13th, 2014
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