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Rating: 7/10
Sign up for Titan Poker right now and get a 200% match bonus up to $2000 on your first deposit!
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Titan Poker Ratings
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Customer Support:
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Titan Poker Info
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VIP Rewards:
38% Rakeback
Play Money Games:
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Titan Poker has enjoyed massive growth since opening its doors in 2005 via the iPoker Network. Running on Playtech software, Titan Poker hosts more than 25,000 tournament players and 5,000 cash game players during peak hours. As a new player, you'll benefit from a generous sign up bonus of an extra 100% up to $500 on your first deposit.

Using Titan's attractive software and table graphics, you are sure to enjoy playing any of the games on offer, including Hold'em, Stud and Omaha, at a variety of limits to suit all sizes of bankroll. Players from around the world log in at all skill levels, so whatever your online poker requirements, there is a place for you at Titan Poker.

Along with standard online poker tournaments, you can participate in satellites to win seats into live events or cash in on the benefits of the world's most rewarding online poker VIP club, Club Titan. There are daily satellites to win seats into Titan Poker's Monthly Million tournament which offers $1,000,000 guaranteed every month. There are also progressive sit n go tournaments available to turn a small bankroll into something much larger!

Titan Poker takes your online poker experience seriously. There is support available via live chat, e-mail and telephone, including toll-free numbers as well. Response times for support queries are among the fastest in the poker room community. You are part of a happy poker family at Titan Poker where the needs of you, the poker player, always come first.
Reviewed by: EuroPartners

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Titan Poker Welcome Bonus
Deposit Bonus:
200% up to $2000
Refer a Friend:
$500 per Referral
Deposit Bonus Information:   (Updated: 04/27/2020)
Titan Poker will match 200% of your first deposit up to $2000! This is a big bonus but clears at a rate of $1 per 50 Points. For example at tournaments, 17 Points are awarded for every $1 in fees paid by the player. So it would take almost 6000 $10+$1 tournaments to clear the whole bonus!

In addition to the match bonus you are also rewarded with 4 tokens to new depositor freerolls. The minimum deposit is $50.

"Titan Poker" User Comments


Titan Poker

"titan poker (iPoker) is the most rigged site
I have only p IF U WIN..THIS SUKS..THERE SITE SOFTWARE FRUAD ... I hope that the FBI closes them for good ... and puts all the owners in jail for fraud

Beward of Titan Poker - IPoker software scam, because:
- Online Roulette Robot And Fraud & Other Sorts Of Bots ..
- They work by algorithms to detect the way you are playing so that the sooner or later they can rip you off.
- They are known in Botting community as a safe place for testing and playing bot. Several bots play on Titan Poker and short stacking or playing Super Turbo Tournaments
- They will ban you / confiscate your money, if your game simulates that of a Botter. So if you are short-stacked play well in the Super Turbo Tournament you could accidentally get your money taken and your account is locked.
- The software is bad. Expect lag and disconnection expected useful features that will be implemented months, sometimes years after the major sites already have these features in place.
NetBet Poker
Bet365 Poker
Titan Poker
Betfred Poker
Expekt Poker
Paddy Power
Dafa Poker"

Posted: October 06th, 2014

Titan Poker

"Scum titan poker (iPoker) is the most rigged site - fraud, i have come across and i have played on many different sites across many different networks. I have only played at the micro and low stakes cash tables on titan poker (iPoker). I don't know how things work at the higher stakes tables. The problems arise when you end up in an all in situations. A word of warning DO NOT get yourself into an all in situation if you are ahead. I always seem to trap someone post flop and then i am beaten by hands that are not even on a draw to anything. The turn and the river will either give someone runner runner for a straight or two suited cards for the backdoor flush. I have also never known a site where people make sets on the turn so often. The only time i have any success in an all in situation is when i make a mistake and go in behind. When you do go all in and the cards are turned over you can almost predict which cards are going to come and give you your customary all in spanking. Random number generator, my ar*e. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. IT GETS THAT BAD YOU START TO DOUBT YOURSELF. OBVIOUSLY TABLES controlled FRAUD ..CLICK TIMES always play a role IF U WIN..THIS SUKS..THERE SITE SOFTWARE FRUAD ... I hope that the FBI closes them for good ... and puts all the owners in jail for fraud"

Posted: September 28th, 2014

Titan Poker

"According to the report, titan poker (iPoker) is not nothing but a fraud.
It obviously downloaded from EMPLOYEES / bots and fake site Computer generated players.
SITE tried and hit the United States Government Fraud so if it thinks that is big enough to try that WHY NOT SCAM SCAM on tables ALSO ??? because all they ever say, OH bad beat !! U need to play 50000PLUS HAND, LOL In other words, we usually SCAM UA bit more.
CASH TABL other night $ 5 / ? 10, I raise to $ 20 GUY reraised to $ 60, I call all of this B4 FLOP.J March 10 HIT I bet $ 50 GUY RAISES $ 2 100 SO AS IA I reraise SET ALL IN GUY calls me (over $ 300) has a K10 ??? ODD as I called a reraise twice then I B.
He needs 2 clubs or 2 Kings beat me and yes UNUSUAL FOR FULL SCAM U GOT IT Runner Runner CLUBS SO he wins, and it is impossible NOWEVER opportunities constantly These types of optical CALLS / views titan poker (iPoker) or complete SCAM as I call it.
ITS off shore sites from scratch REGULATION, and fights struggled against the rules, WHY WHATS TO HIDE ??????"

Posted: September 24th, 2014
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check   Up to 36% Cash Back
check   Uses Revolution Software
check   Licensed in Curacao
up to
check   Up to 36% Cash Back
check   Uses 888 Software
check   Play Money Games
up to
check   Up to 30% Cash Back
check   Uses iPoker Software
check   Play Money Games
up to
check   Up to 27% Cash Back
check   Uses Winning Poker Software
check   Licensed in Costa Rica
up to
check   Up to 38% Cash Back
check   Uses iPoker Software
check   Play Money Games
up to
check   Up to 25% Cash Back
check   Uses Poker Stars Software
check   Play Money Games
up to

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