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Holding Draws Every 30 Minutes, WinTrillions Introduces Live Lottos

Tired of having to wait a full week for your favourite lottery draw? Last month WinTrillions [read review] launched a new type of lottery game on its website. Live Lottos are special in-house draws that are held every half hour. Participants can win up to $30,000! This exciting new way to play the lottery is available exclusively on Wintrillions. There are ... (Read More)
Posted by on 12/07/2017

Cashback or Deposit Deal? Choose Your Lottery Welcome Bonus

At the moment, Lottosend [read review] is offer 4 promotions that many are referring as the ideal welcome bonus that must be experience by every lottery player: Cashback Bonus, Deposit Deal, Earn More Bonus, and Subscription. Do not just opt for one promotion; opt for all of them in order for you to obtain the most benefits. Contrary to popular belief, no ... (Read More)
Posted by on 08/05/2017

Play Lotto Without the Wait: Instant Win Lottery Games

Opting to play the same national lotteries can get frustrated, as there are not many options out there. This is where Lottoland [read review] comes to the rescue! On this site, you can try your luck on a great selection of 'Insta Win' lotteries from different parts of the globe. They are quite fun to play them, which is one of the ... (Read More)
Posted by on 04/21/2017

Win up to $300,000 Instantly with Virtual Scratch Tickets

Scratch Cards are an enjoyable way to try to win cash prizes. Typically you just need to scratch the area to reveal 3 matching symbols to win. Now Lotto Kings [read review] has brought the popular scratch games online, and you can win up to $300,000 with just one virtual ticket. The virtual Scratch Cards at Lotto Kings don't involve a paper ticket, ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/06/2017

Lotto Ticket Vouchers - Gift Tickets for the Biggest Lottos in the World

WinTrillions has certainly revolutionized the way that the lottery is played across the world. Certainly, you want to get in on the action. The fact is that people across the world love playing the lottery and entering raffles for fun and to make some serious money. It could happen to you too. Here's the deal. Join WinTrillions [read review] and start playing ... (Read More)
Posted by on 06/22/2016

MegaLines Offer Some of the Best Odds to Win the Lotto

Online lottery games are available on different platforms. Choosing the best comes with difficulties more so for beginners. However, some gaming platform such as Lotto365 [read review] offers a guaranteed and easy to play platform with higher chances to make good wins. Despite the fact that you can make wins just buying lottery tickets with Lotto365, buying tickets through megaline promotion ... (Read More)
Posted by on 05/30/2016

Get a $20 Bonus Just For Playing on Sunday

Lottosend [read review] is giving their members a little extra reason to get up early on Sunday. The first 50 of them will receive a little something extra when they buy lottery tickets: a $20 bonus! All they have to do is make a minimum ticket purchase and the $20 will be credited. This nice little perk is in addition to the ... (Read More)
Posted by on 05/26/2016

These Syndicates Are Easy to Join & Improve Your Chances

CongaLotto Syndicates really give people the opportunity to let the lottery work for them. When people buy lottery tickets on their own, they really have little real chance of winning. When people buy lottery tickets in a group, their chances increase. People who join Lotto Kings [read review] Syndicates are making it that much more likely that they will win. They are taking advantage ... (Read More)
Posted by on 09/27/2015

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